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'Tabelmusen' (the Table Mouse)

 ‘Tabelmusen’ (the Table Mouse)

A selection of texts and drawings from children. The texts ranging genre of adventure, science fiction, horror and fantasy with its own approach and creativity. The illustrations have varied designs with expressive and brightly colored.

Princess Mary was involved in the award ceremony in the nationwide drawing and writing competition KlodsHans on Kulturprinsen in Viborg. Here she had to hand over the ‘Klods Hans prisen’ to the winners respectively for writing and drawing competition for children.

Crown Princess Mary in Viborg, Kulturprinsen

17.05.2006 – Luna Mehrfeld Brøndal and Sarah Vejs Larsen.

17.05.2006 – Crown Princess Mary, Luna Mehrfeld Brøndal, Sarah Vejs Larsen and the Mayor Johannnes Stensgaard.

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