Saints & Town Gates

Saints & Town Gates

Saints & Town Gates

The project aims:

‘Saints & Town Gates’ is a project that will develop an inter-Nordic learning template and concrete inspiration material for image and culture of schools working with 4-12 year olds, focusing on a sense-based, process-oriented and artistic approach in workshops starting with the youngest children . Work is an everyday familiarity with art and culture to help dress the children, so they can tackle life’s changes and challenges. Learning template disseminated through networks of many different parties throughout Europe.

The project focuses on exchanges between institutions from Nordic and Baltic countries, this will help to expand children’s horizons in relation to their cultural heritage and history. Exchange programs should help to strengthen the Nordic / Baltic cohesion, experience of art and culture as a community end and foster common knowledge and experience of teachers, educators and artists. The project will prioritize the Nordic / Baltic network and build community among children and adults across national borders.


Activities under the project: ‘Saints & Town Gates’

The 19th-26th June 2016: ‘Snapsting for Children’ at Borgvold, Viborg

Culture Schools Pupils and teachers from Riga and Denmark will meet in an exchange program and participate in a workshop on Borgvold associated with ‘Snapsting for Children’. The Danish children together with their parents prepare to host the visitors from Riga, and together, they must attend the workshop on Borgvold where to restore Viborg’s old city gates together. In addition to the city gates, the children come also to work with other art forms such as: music, dance, storytelling, drama surrounding the city gates with partly based on stories from their own local areas. These stories evolve during the week and gets performance parts that will be included in the final Snap Parade on Saturday.

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